HIPPA Compliance

We help to bring HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance for businesses that collect healthcare data. We implement simple and proven systems to collect, store and transfer sensitive data.

We, at Ionots Technologies help our clients to have a 100 percent audit pass rate. We support your business in every step to reach HIPPA compliance and other security demands in healthcare.
co-sourcing and outsourcing

Our Process

co-sourcing and outsourcing

Gap and risk assessment

  • Measuring current security environment
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • Addressing the needs for compliance
Internal audit diagnostics


  • Planning a HIPAA compliance program
  • Building and integrating the right policies and processes
  • Supporting at each step of HIPPA compliance solutions
Internal audit transformation

Management and Support

  • Managing compliant security programs
  • Supporting the maintenance of programs
  • Updating the programs immediately
Internal audit reviewing

Training and Awareness

  • Delivering training and awareness programs regularly
  • Keeping your employees up-to-date on healthcare-related security threats
  • Managing all security demands related to healthcare

Our benefits

Benefits of availing HIPPA Compliant solutions at Ionot Technologies

  • Provide HIPPA training as required

  • Establish authenticity and minimize the key data risks

  • Verify third-party HIPPA compliance

  • Review and implement policies and procedures, agreements and consent as needed

  • Build patients’, stakeholders’ and partners’ confidence

  • Evaluate and report processes for smooth business