We make your business GDPR-Ready with reliable compliance services and solutions. Our GDPR compliance services enable you to manage and protect data, and align your business with the General Data Protection Regulation compliance norms.

We, at Ionots Technologies, provide the most effective GDPR compliance services and enhance your organization's reputation. We set up a system and data processing environment by following a holistic approach that is fully secure and complies with GDPR law
co-sourcing and outsourcing

Our Process

co-sourcing and outsourcing

Assessment of Compliance

  • Analyzing the existing policies, procedures and mechanisms
  • Creating a roadmap to build a GDPR compliance solution
  • Enhancing the existing system as required
Internal audit diagnostics

Internal Audit

  • Performing post-compliance audits internally to an organization
  • Addressing the gap that is existent in the system
  • Ensuring complete compliance with your business
Internal audit transformation

Discovery of Personal Data

  • Leveraging modern technological processes and their setup
  • Helping you discover Personally Identifiable Information (PII) used across an organization.
  • Empowering organizations to govern the usage and management of PII.
Internal audit reviewing

Process Modeling

  • Helping in your GDPR compliance strategy
  • Creating a system that offers complete data protection
  • Detecting data breaches at every point of the application cycle
Internal audit reviewing

Data Control Assessment

  • Analyzing the whole ecosystem of a company
  • Building a robust GDPR compliance strategy
  • Identifying key metrics to discover business compliance level
Internal audit reviewing

Support For Implementation

  • Identifying requisite technical and security controls
  • Providing support to fulfill any additional business requirements
  • Meeting the goal of GDPR compliance with reference to your unique business context

Our benefits

Benefits of availing GDPR solutions at Ionot Technologies

  • Improve consumer confidence

  • Build trust in your organization

  • Improve data security

  • Detect any malicious acts

  • Establish best data handling practices

  • Assure privacy protection for users