External Audit Services

We are committed to adapted auditing, an in-depth understanding of your business and breadth of service. We provide distinguishable deliverables.

We, at Ionots Technologies provide efficient assurances and non-assurances services including audit of financial statements, review of financial statements, IFRS reporting, a compilation of financial statements, risks assurance and advisory services.
co-sourcing and outsourcing

Our Process

co-sourcing and outsourcing


  • Defining audit objectives
  • Gathering information
  • Identifying risks
  • Creating an audit program
Internal audit diagnostics


  • Accomplishing auditing objectives
  • Conducting interviews
  • Reviewing documentation process
  • Testing transactions and documents
Internal audit transformation


  • Providing draft reports for comments
  • Communicating audit results
  • Providing corrective action plans
  • Distributing final report
Internal audit reviewing


  • Reviewing corrective action plans
  • Interviewing office staff
  • Reviewing new processes
  • Re-auditing and documentation

Our benefits

Benefits of availing external audit services at Ionots Technologies

  • Take account of factors such as corporate environment, core processes and strategy

  • Analyze the activities, financial situation and internal systems

  • Provide services from experienced and professional staff

  • Provide efficient, competitive and focused audits

  • Deliver individual needs of each business